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Our vision is to improve the integration of technology with our lives. To make our devices, the software running on them and our interaction with them feel more natural, beneficial and motivational to our goals.

Formasync Trainer


  • Designed from the beginning for the Apple Watch.
  • Can run completely separate from the iPhone.
  • Easy to understand experience for the Apple Watch showing you exactly what you need to concentrate on now and what is coming up next.
  • Simple in-app feedback allows the application to adapt to you, helping you break through plateaus and progress your training even faster.
  • Our signature speech synthesis allows us to guide you through your workout & countdown rest intervals so you can keep your workout moving. You can concentrate on your form, and we can tell you what is next.
  • Free yourself from constantly staring at your device.
  • An expanded iPhone experience is also available for those times when you want more information, or just forgot your Apple Watch.
  • An additional website is available to review your data and manage your account.

Choose from 3 subscription levels to help you Get Fit Today!

Standard Programs
Premium Programs
Celebrity Programs
Standardized programs designed to keep you moving, progressing and motivated.
Curated programs specially designed by Personal Trainers. The Premium subscription level gives you access to all the Premium and Standard Programs.
Programs from of your favorite celebrities designed to help you follow in their success. The Celebrity subscription level gives you access to all the Celebrity, Premium and Standard Programs.
$4.99 / month
$49.99 / year
$9.99 / month
$99.99 / year
$19.99 / month
$199.99 / year
Available Programs
Available Programs
Available Programs
Formasync Standard
Formasync Circuit
20 Minute Circuit
SuperD 12 Week
Coming Soon...



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