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Our service is designed to help you attain your fitness goals. We offer a variety of Workout Programs to choose from. There are 2 current subscription levels available, Standard and Premium. Celebrity Programs are coming soon. Each subscription level gives you greater access to even more professionally sourced Programs and Content. See below for more information.

Formasync Trainer


  • Designed for the Apple Watch.
  • Signature speech synthesis guides you through your workout & rest intervals so you can keep your workout moving.
  • An expanded iPhone experience is also available for those times when you want more information, or just forgot your Apple Watch.
  • Apple Watch User Guide
  • iPhone User Guide

Choose from 3 subscription levels to help you Get Fit Today!

Standard Programs
Standardized programs designed to keep you moving, progressing and motivated.
$4.99 / month
$49.99 / year
Premium Programs
Curated programs specially designed by Personal Trainers. The Premium subscription level gives you access to all the Premium and Standard Programs.
$9.99 / month
$99.99 / year
Celebrity Programs
Programs from of your favorite celebrities designed to help you follow in their success. The Celebrity subscription level gives you access to all the Celebrity, Premium and Standard Programs.
$19.99 / month
$199.99 / year